Mikota PR



PR and Communications Strategy and Implementation

A global PR and Communications strategy in line with business objectives is vital for every company. We define together a timeline for the effective implementation including an assessment of the practicality of all suggested task and projects.



Media Relations

We will tell stories that will boost your company’s coverage in the mass media. We will identify your unique media landscape and what each title can do for your economic endeavours.



Social and Digital Media

Every company needs to fully understand today’s digital state of affairs and adapt its strategy accordingly. We will guide you in your decisions and actions.




From small to large events, evaluating different concepts and strategies are key to making the most out of your investments. Let us guide you through the most important steps and approaches.



Brand and Product Launch

Creating a brand and launching new products need to be carefully evaluated and planned from all parties involved. We will be your creative sparring partner during our step-by-step decision-making process.



Research and Analytics

Today’s digital world offers a huge range of research and analytical tools. Thoughtful, informed decisions can sometimes only derive from hard data.



Photo, Video and Website Production

Today, more than ever before, PR and Communications campaigns rely heavily on photos, videos or a general visual backup. We consolidate our PR and Communications concepts with strong and clear-cut imaginary that will increase visibility and set you apart from the competition.


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