Getting started with the blog

Starting from today, I will publish weekly my thoughts in either English, German or French on all things electric cars, but also on mobile technology, urban mobility, energy, environmental issues and all related subjects.

The main goal of the blog is to create an interest in electric cars especially for those who have previously not heard much about this technology. I do believe that there is a huge potential and opportunity not to be missed. Sales of electrically driven vehicles will be dominating the car market for sure the next few years. I would like to contribute actively to this development, so we will be seeing more EVs sooner on the road rather than later.

The idea to this blog has been growing in my head already for some time. When I discovered this subject area for myself I realised that it’s something very special and a major paradigm shift in the automotive and related industries.

One of the subjects I will be discussing here are the main sources that people use when they want to inform themselves about the latest trends and products on the market. There is a lot to talk about of course.

In my opinion EVs are so much more than cars with a special motor and a battery pack. It's not only a statement to act responsibly, but also as a statement to be pro-technology, especially with the infrastructure challenges that EV drivers still have to deal with. As I’m not an engineer or don’t have very strong ties to the automotive sector yet, it’s fair to say that I permanently want to increase my understanding on many EV concepts and technologies. Therefore, I have registered now for the eDX course "Electric Cars: an Introduction” starting on 20 February 2018. The main purpose of this course is to develop a basic understanding on three key aspects surrounding electric mobility: technology, business and policy. From there I hope I can organically grow my overall knowledge.

I also want to test and review electric cars as much as possible under Swiss driving conditions. It’s all about the local or national usage that matters to me. It’s brilliant to see a YouTube video from a guy living in Norway testing a Tesla, but I believe it’s even more useful to understand how a person living in my neighbourhood can use an EV.

For the sake of this blog and my exposure to the whole area, it’s essential to collaborate with as many car companies and service providers from all backgrounds. Please get in touch with me directly if you want to have your product or technology discussed here. I want to make sure I cover as many topics, business approaches, technologies, insights, philosophies and success or even failure stories as possible.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I like writing about it. Stay tuned!